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Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning

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Peace of mind!!

Imagine that you are about to invest a huge amount of time and money on a new venture. You would probably want to know that your estimated cost is not going to double or treble. In the back of your mind you will have a list of “what ifs” and these “what ifs” could be the make or break of your new venture.

This is when our site assessment becomes imperative to understanding just how much you could be getting into. By getting an assessment you will have something concrete to work with, either knowing that you need to budget for the clean up of the site or that you can lose the “what ifs”! That would be priceless.

Edge Group can provide you with up-to-date legislation and support.

Our contingency planning benefits many UK harbours and ports. They are safe in the knowledge that every eventuality has been looked at and they have up to date information and a concrete plan should there be an oil spill in their waters. This is backed up with training and on site scenarios. Should an incident happen all the procedures are in place and working relationship has already been built.












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