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Site Investigation (Contaminated Land)

Appreciating the headaches that the need for site investigations brings allows us to make the operation as painless as possible. Edge Enviro Services can provide a fully comprehensive service as good as any painkiller!!

As always the ecological and environmental effects are of utmost importance, which gives peace of mind over any future liability or ongoing problems.

We understand that each investigation has to be tailored to meet individual needs. Should it be required we will provide a desktop study to allow an in-depth understanding of the area, along with the options of window sampling, auger drilling, groundwater monitoring, soil gas vapour monitoring and risk assessment.

Over the years we have discovered the need for several options of analytical sampling to provide a complete solution to any environmental issue.

With the governments minimum target of 60% of new residential development to be provided on brown field land over the next ten years the need for comprehensive contaminated land site investigation is becoming more acute.

Phase 1a + 1b - Preliminary Site Investigations

  • Site History
  • Geology, Hydrogeology & Topography
  • Site Reconnaissance
  • Sources, Pathways & Receptors
  • Pollutant Linkages
  • Conceptual Model
  • Risk Assessment
  • Site Walkover (Phase 1b)
  • Conclusions & Recommendations

Phase 2 - Intrusive Site Investigations

  • Sampling Strategy
  • Full Sampling Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Soil Screening
  • Site Monitoring
  • Conclusions & Recommendations

Phase 3 - Remedial Action

  • Remediation Strategy
  • Remediation
  • Further Sampling

Phase 4 - Closure Report

  • All other phases reviewed
  • Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment
  • Remedial Activity
  • Conclusion

In most cases all phases/activities may not be necessary but maybe required by local authorities.



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