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Tank Cleaning & Decommissioning

For many years Edge has been cleaning various type of tanks, although the majority are usually hydrocarbon containers, we have cleaned many chemical containers. i.e. resin, ink, glue tanks aswell.

Our service can included the cleaning, removal and sampling underground tanks, removal of sludge etc. Industrial tanks can range from 1 to 50+ tonne which ultimately require decommissioning at the end of there life. As each job is different Edge provide an initial survey and provide options for the best and environmental way of decommissioning and removing disused tanks.

For further advice on decommissioning above or underground storage tank please call 0800 970 2112.

Ship and Yacht Fuel Tank Cleaning

We have over the last few years been cleaning and fuel polishing many local ships and yachts.

After some three months marine fuels start breaking down chemically and sediment is released from the fuel, over the years sediment and sludge builds up in the bottom of the fuel tank and when assisted by yacht movement this can cause the fuel filters to block up.

Polishing the fuel reduces the sludge build up, this is done by pumping the fuel through a filter several times, taking out any sediment. We also have a system to cut holes in tank for physical cleaning and replace with a clamp lid to secure the tank.

We produce a top of the range Biocide for preventing bacteria growth and a excellent fuel treatment to give better fuel economy.

For further information on our ship and yacht cleaning service please contact us on 0800 970 2112

Tank Sterilisation

Tank sterilisation for water companies, we have on several occasions worked sterilising underground reservoirs using stabilised chlorine. These underground tank are of some considerable size 66,000tons and we have developed a cost effective system of undertaking this work.

Decommissioning of Plants

Decontamination of Sewage Treatment Plants and chemical manufacturing facilities. We have undertaken several cleaning job of sewage treatment plants before decommissioning. Cleaning of toxic chemical pipes before dismantling etc. Most of this work has been carried our using breathing apparatus and in enclosed spaces.


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